How to Use Blueless

Here’s a quick easy way to set up Blueless.

1. Enter your latitude and longitude on Auto Settings so Blueless can figure out the times of sunrise and sunset. You can find your latitude and longitude on Google Maps on the Web.

2. Click the Night Settings tab so you can adjust them, and also click the Night button so you can see how your adjustments change the screen. Slide Blue all the way left to elminate it completely. You may want to make red and green as dim as possible too. You may be able to make a dim screen more legible by decreasing gamma (click Advanced to see the Gamma slider).

These changes make screen colors look odd, but any time you need accurate colors, you can click Off at the top of Blueless’s window. When you’re ready to go back to adjusted colors, click Day, Night, or Auto.

3. As for Day Settings, you have two choices. You can keep them as they usually are (that’s Blueless’s default), or you can reduce Blue (and maybe also Green) to protect your eyes. I keep Blue high during the day because I have a circadian sleep disorder and blue light during the day helps keep the body in sync with the sun.

4. Click the Auto button at the top of Blueless’s window.

This page was first published on April 4, 2019 and last revised on April 4, 2019.