Update Blueless Automatically

When this box is checked, Blueless updates itself to new versions automatically.

In more detail, here’s what happens:

Every time Blueless starts up, it sends a message to its server over the Internet. If the server says that a new version is available, Blueless downloads the new version and asks Windows to install it. Then the old Blueless shuts down and the new Blueless starts up.

Possible problems

• You may need administrative privileges on your computer.

• Your firewall or security software may block Blueless from contacting its server over the Internet. If this happens, tell your firewall or security software to allow Blueless to use the Internet. On some firewall and security programs you do this by adding Blueless to a ‘white list’ or ‘exclusion list’.

This page was first published on April 4, 2019 and last revised on April 4, 2019.