Latitude and Longitude

In order for this program to know the actual times of sunrise and sunset at your location, you must enter your latitude and longitude.

The program uses latitude and longitude only when both are entered and Auto is checked.

You can find your latitude and longitude by going to Google Maps on the Web, right clicking your location, and selecting ‘What’s Here’.

You can enter latitude and longitude in the three common formats. For example, the program understands all of the following:

-73 55.9787

How many decimal digits do you need to enter? Unless you live close to the north or south poles, two decimal digits pinpoint the times of sunrise and sunset to within a few seconds. Since sunset and sunrise take several minutes from start to finish, a precision of a few seconds is more than good enough.

But if you want to enter more decimal digits you can. The program will accept as many as twelve, giving you a precision better than a billionth of a second.

This page was first published on April 4, 2019 and last revised on April 4, 2019.